"Camp Castlewood"

by Mary-Kate Thomas

A Beauty and the Beast Retelling | Castlewood High Tale #3
A Clean & Wholesome Teen Romance
# Young Adult
# Romance
# Clean
# Fairy Tale
# Humorous
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When Bonnie Libros finds out she's leaving the big city to move to Castlewood where she'll go to high school for the first time in her life, she wishes she could stay behind with her Aunt Alma who homeschooled Bonnie after her mom died. But with her dad taking a new teaching job in the science department at Castlewood High, Bonnie has no choice but to pack up her favorite books and move to Castlewood the summer before her junior year. Even worse, Bonnie's dad tells her they'll be living at Camp Castlewood for the summer while he works as the camp's STEM Director. When Bonnie ends up with an unexpected summer job at the camp, she’s stuck with Clay Sylvester, an experienced outdoorsman who's rough around the edges and wants nothing to do with a city girl like Bonnie. But as rumors swirl that it might be the last summer for Camp Castlewood, Clay and Bonnie grow closer. Can Bonnie help Clay save Camp Castlewood... and can she save herself from falling for him? ♥♥Camp Castlewood is the third book in the Castlewood High Tales: A Retold Sweet Romance Series by Mary-Kate Thomas♥♥ Other books in the series include: Pumpkin Run (Book 1) Team Peabrain (Book 2)